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Buttered Toast Love Spell

This is an exceptionally easy love spell, very quick to cast and will certainly bring some added romance to your relationship. Take some hot toast and butter it with the shape of a heart, you'll need some easily spreadable butter for this. Use enough butter so that you can then use the tip of a knife to write into the butter, ' (insert your lover's initials) love for (add your own initials has tripled, Venus.' Let the butter melt into the toast and as it does chant under your breath:

'By Venus power as this butter melts,
So does my lover's (insert their name) love for me increase and show,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Now spread any unmelted butter into the toast, so covering over the butter love spell script, add jam or honey if your lover prefers and serve this edible love spell to them, all the while knowing and visualising that their love for you had intensified and increased. Your buttered toast love spell is now cast!




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