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Box of Chocolates Love Spell

We all know that chocolate is an aphrodisiac that increases those hormones that are also released when we fall in love. This chocolate high, so easily induced, unlike the sensation of falling in love, makes chocolate the perfect ingredient for any love spell with romance as its aim.

Take one box of good quality chocolates, preferably dark chocolate, as it has a higher cocoa content, as do better quality chocolates and so stronger aphrodisiac qualities. You will incise the bottom of each chocolate with the point of a sharp knife that has been dipped in boiling water, you will need to keep reheating the blade this way. Mark each chocolate with a letter that goes to make up this chocolate love spell.

First incise your lover's initials, replacing that with the 'X' of the spell and then one letter on the base of each chocolate. So now continue with the bases of the remaining chocolates with these letters to make up these words:

'X loves me with all his/her heart, our love binds us to never part.'

Now leave each chocolate to harden with it's newly inscribed letter. Then melt a good quality bar of chocolate to match the type of chocolates bought, such as dark or milk. Then brush the base of each chocolate finely with the melted chocolate to conceal your love spell. You can use an egg glazing brush to do this. Leave the chocolates to dry and harden and then replace them into the box. Now light a red candle and see your lover eating the chocolates, and loving you more deeply and forever. When you have finished you can leave the candle, allowing it to burn down safely. Make sure you take none of the chocolates yourself to eat and that they are not shared but all eaten by your lover.

love chocolates

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