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Bewitching Ways To Make Your Dream Date Fall In Love With You

There have been times for all of us when we've wished that someone would be bewitched by our self-evident charms and yet they remain mysteriously impervious to our obvious allure. Not only is this irritating, it's baffling and sometimes even painful. So how can we help nature along and get passion throbbing through every corpuscle of our dreamboat's veins?

The courtesans of 16th century Venice were famed for their technique, they could entrance any man it was said. But were they so much more beautiful than the courtesans of Padua or Manchester? No, but they knew one of the oldest and cleverest tricks of love. Scientific research has shown that both men and women are far more attracted to someone with large pupils. Men who were shown different photos of the same women, had different areas of the brain light up when they saw the only image of her with enlarged pupils. This they also confirmed, by saying that she looked 'hottest' in that picture. The courtesans of Venice knew this and used the herb Bella Donna, making a tincture, which they dropped into their eyes to make their pupils artificially enlarge. Large pupils of course mean that we are attracted to someone or at least like them. And when our pupils enlarge and we look at someone for long enough, we trigger a hormone in their brain, which is the same chemical which floods the body when we fall in love. Though Bella Donna is a deadly poison, there are safe ways to trick this reflex in the one you desire and weave your love spells. When we are in semi darkness, when there is insufficient light, our pupils naturally enlarge. Why are cinema back rows modern days lover's lanes? Restaurants have low lighting to induce this effect. Candlelight is thought the most romantic for this reason too. So get your love and glimmer at them from the shadows, but try not to frighten or menace them.

bewitching love

Another way to induce romantic longing and cast a heady love spell around your love is play now you see me, now you don't. In other words the mind likes best what is familiar, we may not adore someone's personality but we've known them since childhood, so we're fond of them, i.e. familiarity. So to cast love spells too strong for your love to break, make sure you see them as often as possible without being obvious or seeming to stalk them. They will like you more and more. And once you are getting on well and enjoying each other's company, quickly and steadily decrease the amount you see your love and they will want more. In other words it's the law of scarcity, we all value what is scare, which is what you will become.

Smiling may seem obviously a good idea and we do it without thought when we see someone who pleases us but did you know that when you meet someone you desire, you can also enhance your chances by merely very rapidly raising your eyebrows. If they reciprocate they too will very briefly raise their eyebrows. Fringes are a hinderance in this part of seduction! If there is a special someone who you wish to bewitch, make sure you raise your eyebrows on first sight of them for a merest second. They will not realise it, but you will have signaled your interest and their subconscious will begin to see you as a new and tantalising opportunity for love.

So to all those who love in vain, fear not, lurk in shadows, be ever present and then almost completely disappear, and raise your eyebrows without seeming to have a nervous tic, and you will soon find your love comes knocking at your door; nature has cast her love spells for you, however bizarre her demands.

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