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How to Enhance Your Eyes Natural Beauty to Bewitch

You have beautiful eyes, yes you do, the iris of everyone's eyes is more multifaceted than any jewel. Striations of dappled colour mingle through all irises making them into gems, which flash with light and colour to outshine the rarest emeralds or sapphires. If you don't believe me, look closely into your own eyes and see all the variations and stunning colour harmonies. We all know that the eyes are the windows to the soul, that lovers stare into each other's eyes and cast their own love spells as they gaze. But as those polished French women know, beauty isn't about being flawless, it is about playing up our best features and so overshadowing any with which we find fault. As one of the world's most beautiful women, Claudia Schiffer, once remarked, beauty is 90% illusion. She knew whereof she spoke, she saw supermodels looking rough first thing in the morning on fashion shoots and backstage at fashion shows and then watched them transformed into preternatural goddesses by expert make-up artists. So how can we all make the most of our powers to bewitch, what shades of eye-shadow best enhance the most seductive of our facial features, our eyes? Which colours will bring out their natural beauty?

magic eyes

People often think that if they have blue eyes, blue eye-shadow on the lid will bring out their own colour most. In fact there is nothing you can do to obscure the beauty of your own eyes more, than apply blue shadow, if you're a blue-eyed beauty. Blue eye-shadow will overwhelm your own iris colour and make it look drab in comparison. We don't want that, that kills the magic of your irises charm. To enhance the colour of blue eyes and make them sing out as jewel bright, we need to use complimentary colours, that is the opposite colours in the colour spectrum, to your own eye colour. If you look at an artist's colour wheel, you will see the colours placed so that each colour is facing it's opposite or complimentary colour. These colours when paired together make each other sing out. When you look at a painting by Rubens or Michelangelo, you will see tiny touches of gold beside blue to highlight the blue and make even a subtle touch of blue show up and be emphasised. So for blue eyes, what will both look natural and make your own blue even bluer, are sandy, golden based shades applied to your eyelids. Don't go too warm with these colours, but if you do use a hue that reminds you subtly of sand dunes or the soft gold that skin turns when lightly tanned, your blue eyes will blaze out. This applies for all shades of blue eyes, the cooler and greyer your eyes may be, the subtler you make the sandy or golden shade you apply. Remember to try out shades until you find the gold or sand that is greyed down enough not to sing out on your skin. It is the blue of your eyes we want to emphasise not your eye-shadow. You'll know when you've found the perfect shade for you, as you'll get even more compliments on the colour of your eyes and no-one will notice your eye-shadow or even realise you are wearing any. Neutral browns with a warm golden base will also look wonderful on you, golden beige, honey brown, golden brown are your best choices for casting your own magic.

colour wheel

For green eyes to captivate use shades with a hint of a mauve or lilac or, for night, purple shades. Red is the opposite and complimentary colour to green, as any artist will tell you, so make use of the secrets of the old masters and become a muse to love yourself. But red itself or pink can look like you have conjunctivitis, an excellent look if you want to repulse. But burgundy and purple, lilac or mauve, or violet can look a bit too obvious for daytime, so look for shades for your eyelids that have clover, lilac or mauve undertones, a hint of this colour to them. Or use subtle touches of burgundy. You may use a creamy shade shot through with soft lilac that is very subtle, or pale lilac-beige that has just a touch more lilac than natural human skin-tone. But you can add to the emerald vibrancy of your eyes beauty, by using a deep almost black shade of purple as your mascara. The colours, except at night, are best kept from being overtly purple hued, subtle variations of these colours, a black seeming mascara that is really a dark purple, a dark clover eyeliner that looks neutral unless anyone stares very closely, these are the best subtle versions for day wear, because we want everyone to gasp over the beauty of your eyes, not over your eye-shadow. So you may choose beige hues for day that have a hint of pink, mauve or clover in their undertone. You can also use browns that have a pink base, such as teak or rosewood while looking natural and your eyes will glitter with verdant green.

Those with brown eyes already have drama in their natural make-up, and can wear the most choice of colours with bewitching results. The most important for nut-brown eyed sirens is to match the depth of your contouring eye-shadows, liners and eye definers with the depth of your eyes. If you wear an eye defining pencil that is two shades lighter than you own eye, your eyes will look smaller and darker than they really are and not be shown off in all their glory. Good colours for you, depending on your skin-tone and the occasion are golden honeys, browns, purple toned hues (keep them subtle for day such as a soft violet), and even pale greens and blues will look good under artificial lighting at night. These colours, except for the green and blue, will all tend to look neutral on you and show off those chocolate orbs of yours to ensure maximum appreciation.

So whatever colour your eyes may be, match the depth of their tone, how dark or light they are, with the depth of your contouring and defining shades. A pale-eyed blonde is best in light shades; a medium-eyed brunette in medium colours and a dark eyed brunette in dark shades. Remember too that if you are cautious about applying colour to your eyes, you can find gorgeous, subtly tinted mascaras to bring a hint of colour to your lashes and show off the stunning beauty of your eyes, while appearing to be totally unmade-up. Your love spell need not be obvious, anyone would have to be psychic to realise that you have enhanced the colour of your eyes with this subtle trick.

Of course you can also enhance the colour of your eyes by the colours of the clothes that you wear. For-instance, blue worn in a top or dress, being close to the face, will reflect blue into your eyes and show off blue eyes. But again beware not to wear colours that out do your natural colouring, or conversely, if you have bright colouring, do not wear muted colours, you will mar your brilliancy. If you have rich colouring, wear rich colours not pastels and and wishy-washy colours or you risk making your rich colouring look dull. Also if say, you were to wear blue earrings in a blue brighter or stronger than your own blue hue, beware you are putting your own eye colour in the shade and making them seem dull in comparison. Marilyn Monroe was given a pair of emerald earrings by a lover, that cost more than most houses but disdained to wear them because, as she said, why would she want to wear anything that diminished her own beauty and outshone the colour of her eyes. Instead, as a pale blonde, Marilyn wore diamond earrings and necklaces, diamante usually actually, to reflect light up into her face to maximise the radiant glow of her platinum hair. She also had a preference for wearing white collared dresses or white tops to reflect light up into her face. If you've ever wondered why Marilyn had an ethereal, luminous glow, that outshone even greater beauties of the screen, now you know. As Marilyn showed, to enhance even the greatest beauty, thought is sometimes needed to turn a beauty into a goddess. Enjoy what nature gave you and show off the stunning allure of your eyes, with subtle help, like the legendary Marilyn Monroe, you can cast your own magic wherever you go.

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