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A Barbecue Love Spell

This is a very quick and discrete love spell that can be performed in front of a party of people with nobody else realising. You can also improvise with it, adjusting this love spell according to the food to be barbecued. If you are cooking steaks or burgers you can incise them as this love spell requires and of course you can do so with other meats too.

You are ready for your barbecue and preparing the food, and so now is the time to take a steak knife and incise the meat in very small script with the initials of the one you desire jumbled up with your own initials, remembering that your carved letters need not show, they can be very tiny, made with the tip of the steak knife blade. And now incise the letters 'I D U' which stands for 'in diligio una' which means in love together. Then when the time is right barbecue the meat searing this secret love spell code into the meat and chant under your breath so that you wont be heard:

'When this meat you do eat,
You heart and mine shall ever entwine,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Now serve your love their barbecue love spell!



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