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Witchcraft For Love Spells A to Z

Love spells use many different magic ingredients and systems

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a useful method if you want to channel messages from the psychic realm, and ask questions about a love situation so that you can customise your love spell. As with many psychic divinational methods, you might need to practice a few times before you get any results.

You will need: 1 paper and a sheet of paper.

1, Sit comfortably with your paper in front of you.
2, Hold your pen in the hand you usually write with but hold it loosely.
3, Relax.
4, Allow your pen to drift over the paper, do not give it any thought.
5, let whatever shapes and patterns form on your paper.
6,You may or may to get decipherable images to start with, just let whatever takes place happen.
7, Repeat the exercise regularly until there is a breakthrough and you get a readable message - be it words or pictures!


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