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Astrology plays a very large part in witchcraft and love spell casting!

A History of Astrology

Do you ever wish you knew what would be a good time to begin a new venture and what days to hide down your bed to avoid disasters? Our ancestors certainly wanted to feel more secure in their lives, in times that were brutish, short and not unlike out own, fraught with unpredictable dangers. When the first civilisations were new, in early Babylon, the kings had the night skies charted, so that they could fix the calendar and apportion the correct number of weeks and months in the year so that religious festivals, such as harvest celebrations, actually corresponded with the month of harvest. Clerks inscribed cuneiform clay tablets each night with the movements of the stars in the heavens, collected them in store houses and presented their nightly findings to the king; from astronomy, astrology was born.


Astrology is the art of studying the correlation between the planets or heavenly bodies including the stars, moon and sun and their impact on our terrestrial realm. There is no proven link between the dance of the planets and a stellar influence on our personal fortunes, the nearest we have is Newton's theory of gravity. Nonetheless, the varying traditions around the world continue to have millions of faithful adherents. There are three main schools of thought, the Western tradition, the Indian or Vedic and the Chinese. Our Western tradition is a direct offshoot of the Babylonian school of astrology, which spread from Babylon, to Greece in the 4th century B.C. and then onto Rome and Egypt. The Mayan civilisation also had their own home-grown school of astrology. Astrology was further evolved by the Arabs in the 7th until the 13th century A.D, while it became an extremely powerful science of the seats of power, the ruling royal courts of 14th - 16th century Europe. Elizabeth 1st had her own personal astrologer, Dr John Dee (1527 - 1608) without whose say so, she probably did stay very firmly tucked under her bed sheets, quite right too, there's no safer place to be.

Astrology has been used for divination, to pigeon hole our characters and help to predict auspicious times for human affairs or explain past events; 'why did my car breakdown, my head fall off and be made redundant, all on the same day?' Put it down to retrograde Mercury up to his old tricks. The root astrological beliefs, prevalent in all ancient traditions are, 'as above, so below,' life on earth is mirrored in the stars, the asteroids etc. The theory being that these celestial objects are either omens of events to come or in some unknown way are the causes of the events. Calculations about the patterns of star's movements in the firmament would then show what influence it could be expected to have upon earth. The Babylonians cosmic observations led them to assign certain characteristics to planets. Ishtar, now called Venus, twinkled brightly after dusk when lovers wooed in lovers lanes beneath summer skies, so Ishtar became linked to fecundity and love while Mars was red, as is blood, so it became associated with bloodshed, war. The Babylonians ascribed the five planets each with their gods. Jupiter was the god Marduk, Saturn was Ninurta, Mercury was Nabu, Mars was Nergal, Sin was their moon god and Shamash was associated with the sun. They invented the zodiac of twelve signs and warily watched these ruling planets, with eagle eyes, trying to calculate what the gods were intending to do to us on earth next. This Babylonian cosmic tradition may be why our days of the week are named after gods. But it was ancient Egypt who gave us horoscopes and the Greeks who applied it to individual natal charts, the place and time of birth, the Law of Beginnings that says how a person's life will be in every sphere.


By the Middle Ages, astrology had developed to encompass all the then known fields of science, including, chemistry, medicine, botany, anatomy and zoology. As our destiny was ruled by the planets, so too each part of our bodies was said to be ruled by a different planet. So illnesses might be ascribed to the movement of a star. Gems, colours, animals, drugs, plants and metals were all affiliated with a planet and thought to be ruled by them.galileo galilei Astrologers at this time were called Mathematici, as they were usually versed in mathematics, astronomy and astrology, while doctors too learnt mathematics and astrology. At this time astrology and astronomy were twin sciences that were given equal status. Scientific astrology was popular amongst all with enquiring minds that hungered for the knowledge of our place in the Universe, the scientific secrets of the heavens. Academics, such as Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), the famous Italian physicist, astronomer and philosopher, who is called the 'father of modern observational astronomy,' was an astrologer. By the time of the 'Age of Reason,' or the 'Age of Rationalism,' in the late 17th century, when enquiring minds enquired further and scientific research grew apace, astrology was uncoupled from the carriage of astronomy, faith, belief and tradition began to fall out of intellectual fashion. What we knew to be true through the emperic basis of knowledge, via research and data, rather than theory alone, became the only things that began to have any credence amongst those searching for the answers to God, the Universe and everything. Nonetheless astrology has survived and still guides and rules the lives of us some 4000 years after it was first devised in ancient Babylon.

Astrological Star Signs

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LEO - JULY 24 - AUG 23

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PISCES - FEB 19 - MAR 20

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