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Arthurian Protection Love Spell

The Blencathra Mountain in the Lake District is one of many sites throughout Great Britain connected to King Arthur. This mountain, also known as The Saddleback, whilst Blencathra can be translated into the slightly worrying name, 'Devil's Peak,' is said to hold a great treasure, because within it's heart is said to lie the sleeping army of King Arthur, who will return when Great Britain should be in greatest peril, needing their aid. So the energy of this mountain could be very useful to anyone desiring to cast a powerful love spell. If you wish to protect your relationship from a rival, this is your love spell, should you be near to the Blencathra Mountain. You can take a path from the Blencathra Centre to reach Blencathra Mountain but please go well prepared with good walking shoes and all you may need.

Once you reach Blencathra Mountain, weather permitting, sit down and prepare your mind, making it still and ready to concentrate your will and mental energy. Then knock seven times upon the hill and call out in a loud voice:

'King Arthur's army I thee call,
Hear me from your sleepy thrall,
I do thee conjure and request,
That you will come at my behest,
My love is imperiled by another,
Who from me would take my lover's heart,
I request that by your power no will shall ever pull my lover (insert their name) and I apart,
An it harm none, so mote it be.'

Now visualise your love rival leaving you both alone and the love between you and your lover being stronger than ever, impregnable and protected by the ancient energie of Britain's powers.



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