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Applied PSI

Applied PSI is also referred to as applied parapsychology or psionics and believes psychic powers exist when it is used in a way to create positive changes in our daily lives.

Applied PSI happens everytime you act on your intuition or ‘gut’ feeling. Reseach has shown successful people use PSI and precognition often during their daily life.

Psionic power means mind controlled, a quartz crystal can be used as a ‘Power Wand’ (tool) for mind magic.

Psionic energy will radiates in all directions from the quartz crystal. Thought switches the crystal wand on - an energy ray will then be given out from the crystal point. Your wand has an endless supply of energy which is available 24 hours a day. It is capable of delivering a large amount of accurately focused energy - the intensity and distance of the energy ray is controlled by the thoughts and emotions of the operator.

Applied PSI

To demonstrate how you can use your crystal:

1, Hold the crystal in your left hand.
2, Your program can now be installed. Your program should be thought out in consecutive picture form. Your 'thought form' will travel from your mind to your left hand and into the quartz crystal where all images will be maginfied.
3, If you are using your crystal to win back an old lover, you can place a photo of your ex under the crystal - the thought form when combined with a picture increases the strength of the program. To ensure your program has been sufficiently lodged repeat the programming process for a period of seven days.

Dowsing is another for of psionics, the dowser forms a mental picture in his or her mind of the material they are searching for. The dowser’s mind subconsciously controls the actions of the dowsing rod!

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