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Anti Pythagoras Love Spell

Beans were banned in nunneries by St. Jermone as he feared they would ignite the passion of the nuns. Pythagoras banned his followers from eating them for the same reason, therefore you can be sure beans will inflame your lover with love and passion as a great man of thinking like Pythagoras is hardly likely to be wrong.

The italians consider broad beans to be an aphrodisiac that will have you lover eating out of your hand.

You will need:

A pan of boiling hot water.
Broad beans & a knob of butter.

Cook and serve, however don’t forget black pepper is a male aphrodisiac, so if you fancy doubling up your love spell's power, ensure you have a pot of black pepper handy ;)

Ginger is a female aphrodisiac, so I guess you could sprinkle that on your broad beans and ignore Pythagoras’s tutting.


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