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Aliens - Do Aliens Exist?

Yes aliens must exists, for example there are 12 thousand stars in the Taurus constellation, one of those planets is bound to have little green men on it. If the conditions are right, life develops.

aliens in love

Some people say aliens make crop circles, these crop circles look like talismans, maybe they are alien magic spells or Alien Love Spell? Or perhaps they are just aliens saying “Hiya?” Or both?

Many people claim to have been abducted by aliens, they are allegedly taken aboard a space ship placed on a table and probed by aliens, giggling aliens usually.

How to avoid alien abduction? If you see a little green man do not talk to him, hurry home and lock all your doors and windows. But based on what I have read, those abducted by aliens have not been traumatised by the experience, instead they have done ‘kiss and tells’ and written books about it such as: The True Story of Alien Abduction in Rural England: True Story of Alien Abduction - Jean Ritchie

alien mother and her children

Michael Jackson wanted to build a landing pad for aliens to visit him, I don’t think he would waste all that money making their landings easier, if he knew they wouldn’t visit him. Author Michael C Luckman states that MJ is keen to film the first landing at the alleged alien airport. MJ did once alledgedly say he felt he might be from another planet, in which case MJ is an alien.

One of my admirers tells me he was abducted by female aliens, and he gave me a photograph they took of him aboard their space craft - it was a female alien piloted UFO only, apparently they go much faster than space ships flown my male aliens.

James my admirers
James - female aliens found him sunbathing and abducted him he says.

In 2004, it was reported Richard Branson was having 5 spaceliners built and a flight ticket to go aboard a Virgin Galactic would cost a cool £100,000.00. RB said: "If it is a success, we want to move into orbital flights and then, possibly, even get a hotel up there."

Let’s hope it is a success and then the Universe is your oyster!

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