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An affirmation is a positive statement repeated constantly either out aloud or silently to yourself so that they become embedded in your brain. It may also be written down many times. The words of the affirmation statement when simply spoken or thought about without any emotion make a very poor affirmation.

A positively worded and emotionally charged affirmation is able to manipulate the limitless creative power of your subconscious mind and manifest your wishes and dreams.
How to create a powerful affirmation:
Your affirmation must be in the present tense:

A, My lover has returned to me and we are very happy together.
B, I am fit and healthy.
C, My business is successful.
D, I have enormous self confidence.
It is a mistake to make an affirmation in the future tense:
e.g. "I know my ex will return soon", such a statement implies your wish will be granted in the future, not now, and that’s exactly where your wish will stay - in the future.

Affirmations must be positive:
Avoid negative statements, affirm what you do want, instead of what you don't want. For example: "I am no longer unemployed." This is a negative statement. Instead, affirm: "I have a fantastic well paid job which I enjoy enormously" This statement is positive and potent, it doesn't mention the opposite to what you are seeking and therefore confuse your subconscious mind.
Make short, specific statements:
Short, specific statements are easy to remember and state repeatedly, and do not cause your mind to wander.


The art of creating a powerful affirmation

Repetition equals reinforcement of a desire. Your request will become embedded in your subconscious mind.

Strong, powerful emotions
It is simply to think and feel emotionally about something you desperately want. Think careful about how you feel about your desire while repeating your affirmation.

Practicing affirmations constantly will created a concentrated power of your affirmation.

The more you repeat your affirmation, the more positive you will feel, this will have a knock on effect and strengthen your affirmation in your subconscious mind which in turn will manifest your wish quicker.

Personalise your affirmations, this will make them vibrate with you, the stronger your link with your affirmation, the deeper the impression it makes on your mind, and the sooner you will experience positive results.

You can now use the above technique to transform your life and achieve your goals with affirmations.



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